Springfield, OR Environmental Education Program

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Springfield, OR, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.ci.springfield.or.us/ESD/EnvironmentalEdProgram.htm


The City of Springfield has a new environmental education program for classrooms and youth groups! We offer dozens of activities suitable for all grades. The activities cover a range of topics including: aquatic macroinvertebrates, water quality, habitat restoration, wildlife, wetlands, rivers, and much more. The activities address a variety of skills such as reasoning, problem solving, and interpreting data and can fit in well with a number of subjects, even physical education. We provide all of the necessary materials and instruction. Contact Rachael at 726-3695 to find out what would fit best with your curriculum. Click here for a printable flyer about the program.

Example Activities:

The Incredible Journey
With a roll of the die, students simulate the movement of water within the water cycle.

Grade Level: Elementary
Subject Area: Earth Science
Skills: Analyzing (identifying components and relationships) and Interpreting

Just Passing Through
In a whole-body activity, students investigate how vegetation affect the movement of water over land surfaces.

Grade Level: Upper Elementary, Middle School
Subject Areas: Earth Science, Environmental Science, Ecology, Physical Education
Skills: Analyzing (comparing & contrasting) and Interpreting

A-maze-ing Water
Students guide a drop of water through a maze of "drainage pipes" to learn how actions in the home and yard affect water quality.

Grade Level: All
Subject Areas: Environmental Science, Health
Skills: Organizing, interpreting, applying design

Sum of the Parts
Students demonstrate how everyone contributes to the pollution of a river as it flows through a watershed and recognize that everyone's "contribution" can be reduced.

Grade Level: Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School
Subject Areas: Environmental Science, Government
Skills: Gathering information, organizing, analyzing, applying solutions

Sparkling Water
Students develop strategies to remove contaminants from "wastewater."

Grade Level: Middle School, High School
Subject Areas: Environmental Science, Health
Skills: Organizing, experimenting, evaluating