Peninsula School District, WA Deskside Recycling Program

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Peninsula School District, WA, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The average volume of paper that is discarded at the Peninsula School District Educational Service Center, Information Services, and Transportation/Maintenance complex is about 1.5 pounds per person, per day or about one ton a month. This includes mail, copier misprints, multiple drafts of documents at computer printers, newspapers, and other internal and incoming correspondence.

In order to reduce the cost to the District for hauling the paper to the dump and the cost to the environment when we throw wastepaper in the landfill, a program of Deskside Recycling is being implemented in the District’s administration and support services facilities.

The Program
A set of individual plastic recycling bins has been distributed to each desk or work area. Which bins you have depend on the types of recyclables that you have and the amount of space available. Most desks get a white paper bin and a mixed paper bin. Bins will be emptied by our recycler at least once a week.

Please use the instructions below as your guide to Deskside Recycling.

White Paper (White Bins)
Includes: business forms, stationery, letterheads, Xerox copies, bond paper, laser print, adding machine tapes, and small amounts of computer printout.

Not acceptable: carbon paper, cardboard, plastics, tablet bindings, labels, food wrappings, colored paper, magazines, telephone books, newspaper, NCR paper (self-carboning paper), Post-it notes, coated, slick, glossy, waxed paper, or ream wrappers.

Mixed Paper (Blue Bins)
Includes: magazines, catalogs, blueprints, NCR paper, envelopes, colored paper, photographic papers, labels, small amounts of newspapers, cardboard, Post-it notes, glossy, slick, coated, fax paper, or phone books. Most envelopes should be in mixed paper.

Not acceptable: food-contaminated paper products, carbon paper, heavily waxed drinking cups, styrofoam and Kleenex.

In most cases, paper clips, staples, and rubber bands need not be removed. Post-it notes, however, are mixed paper and must be removed from white or computer printout paper.

No wax-coated cardboard can be recycled. Staples and tape are acceptable in moderate amounts. Small quantities can be picked up with your mixed paper. Boxes and other cardboard should be flattened and placed in a neat pile outside the back ESC door, on the Info Services porch, or in the "cardboard only" dumpster.

All empty aluminum cans should be placed in the receptacle in the break room.