Portland, OR Conduct an Urban Agricultural Inventory

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Portland, OR, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 11/24/04

Source File: http://www.portlandonline.com/shared/cfm/image.cfm?id=87380 (MS Word file)


Direct applicable City bureaus to conduct an urban agricultural inventory of city owned land that may be suitable for community gardens and other agricultural uses.

WHEREAS, City Council, supports the Community Gardens Program that has been providing gardening and greening opportunities for the physical and social benefit of the people and neighborhoods of Portland since 1975; and

WHEREAS, There are 28 community gardens located throughout the city, developed and operated by volunteers and Portland Park & Recreation staff, offering a variety of programs and interests; and

WHEREAS; Community gardens are important neighborhood gathering places that contribute to the City’s parks and open space system and support neighborhood livability; and

WHEREAS; The Community Gardens Program encourages organic gardening, building healthy soil, new and heirloom plant varieties, composting, cover cropping, food sustainability, intergenerational activities; and

WHEREAS, In June 2002, the City and County created a joint Food Policy Council to provide ongoing advice and input to City and County staff on food-related issues; and

WHEREAS; Urban gardening supports self-sufficiency and access to healthy food for Portland residents; and

WHEREAS; Community Gardens annually donate 10,000 pounds of fresh vegetables to neighborhood emergency food pantries of the Oregon Food Bank, and the Oregon Food Bank reports continued increases in emergency food requests; and

WHEREAS; Gardening is an important part of our culture that connects Portlanders to the natural environment and Oregon’s agricultural heritage; and

WHEREAS; Local food production results in fresher, more nutritious food and reduces the transportation impacts of shipping food long distances; and

WHEREAS; The nonprofit Zenger Farms, operating on City property, demonstrates the educational, environmental and community benefits of urban farming to residents of the Lents neighborhood, recent immigrants, school children and other Portlanders; and

WHEREAS, City Council is committed to continuing efforts to cultivate Community Gardens throughout the City of Portland as well as providing other agricultural opportunities; and

WHEREAS, The City can support the creation of additional community gardens and agricultural opportunities by allowing, where appropriate, City-owned lands to be used for those efforts.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Portland will create an urban agricultural inventory of city owned land that may be suitable for community gardens:

1. Using the City’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS), an inventory of City-owned properties will be mapped using applicable criteria to determine site potential for community gardens or for other agricultural uses.

2. The Community Gardens Program, Food Policy Council, applicable bureau staff, and Commissioner Saltzman’s Office will work jointly to identify the criteria for suitable sites that have the potential to become community gardens or have other agricultural uses on City-owned property. In particular, pump stations, storage tanks and other Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services facilities will be examined for their potential to become community gardens or used for other agricultural uses.

3. Within six months of the acceptance of this Resolution, the groups identified in section (b) will submit a report to City Council which will include an urban agricultural inventory of City-owned sites that are suitable for community gardens and other agricultural uses.