Los Angeles, CA Against Iraq War

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Los Angeles, CA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted

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WHEREAS, any official position of the City of Los Angeles with respect to legislation, rules, regulations or policies proposed to or pending before a local, state or federal governmental body or agency must have first been adopted inthe form of a Resolution by the City Council with the concurrence of the Mayor; and

WHEREAS, the Congressional Budget Office estimates a military action against Iraq will cost the taxpayers of the nation between $9 billion and $13 billion a month, likely resulting in further cuts in federally funded projects and programs that benefit our city and its residents at a time when state and local governments are in crisis; and

WHEREAS, that cost would be borne by the people of the City of Los Angeles, who rely on federal funds for anti-poverty programs, for workforce assistance, for housing, for education programs, for infrastructure, and for the increased demands of homeland security; and

WHEREAS, we recognize that Saddam Hussein has perpetuated great human rights abuses with aims contrary to peace, and that the United Nations Security Council accordingly approved a program of weapons inspections; and

WHEREAS, the strength of NATO and of the United Nations rests on consensus and the rule of law; and

WHEREAS, the United States should make every effort to work within the United Nations framework and leave war as an option of last resort; and

WHEREAS, war in Iraq would take the lives of untold Iraqis, the vast majority of whom would be noncombatants; and

WHEREAS, California is home to more veterans than any other state in the nation, and Los Angeles has 597 employees, including 271 Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers, on military reserve who stand to be called to active duty, and as veterans and patriots these brave men and women know well the consequences of war and the human costs involved; and

WHEREAS, we support and appreciate the U. S. military personnel and law enforcement officials serving at home and abroad against global and local terrorism; and

WHEREAS, this unquestionable pride in and support for these brave men and women, who know well the human costs of war, prevent us from sending them off to war easily or lightly before exhausting all diplomatic means to avoid combat, and

WHEREAS, the Council should work towards improving the quality of life for all and enhancing public safety in Los Angeles and improving the City's ability to prevent and respond to terrorist attacks,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, with the concurrence of the Mayor, that by the adoption of this Resolution, the City of Los Angeles URGES the President of the United States to exhaust all diplomatic options available in dealing with the growing crisis in Iraq and exercise great caution before resorting to using military force; and OPPOSES a unilateral war against Iraq.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, with the concurrence of the Mayor, that by the adoption of this Resolution, the City of Los Angeles hereby includes in its 2003-2004 Federal Legislative Program support for federal funding for the initiatives outlined in correspondence attached to the file and support for H.R. 764, the First Responders Expedited Assistance Act, any other similar legislation that would provide additional funding to first responders in the City.

RESOLVE to INCLUDE in the City's 2003-2004 Federal Legislative Program SUPPORT for federal legislation that acknowledges that veterans make-up 20% of the homeless on Skid Row; these veterans served our country bravely in past wars, sacrificing their mental and physical health only to be forgotten upon their return and left to fend for themselves; we must remember them and work to help them regain what they have lost. We must dedicate our attention to the needs of the homeless in our city, promote a renewed respect for these brave individuals AND make GREATER EFFORTS TO OBTAIN FUNDING FOR THEM FROM OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and on a local level through the development of permanent, affordable housing utilizing both Prop 46 and Housing Trust Fund dollars.