Sydney, Australia Youth Strategy

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Sydney, Australia

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Type: Policy

Status: Initiated in February 2006

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Executive Summary
Based on 2001 census and Council’s internal research, young people aged 12 – 24 years make up 20.2% of the total City of Sydney population or 25,819. This is higher than the Sydney Statistical Division (which is 17.9% of the total population). The number of young people is probably higher than this as there are many homeless and transient young people living in the City area who were not accounted for on Census night. Due to rapid redevelopment across the City of Sydney, including in areas such as Green Square and Ashmore Estate there will be approximately 43,201 (or 20.2%) young people aged 12-24 living in the City of Sydney LGA.

Young people in the City are faced with many of the same issues as young people in other areas. Issues such as education and training, access to sport and recreation, transport, health, and use of public space. However, they are also faced to a greater extent than other communities, with issues such drug and alcohol use in the community, mental health issues, homelessness and lack of support services, lack of free recreation opportunities, unemployment, and prostitution.

The City of Sydney Youth Strategy 2006 (the Youth Strategy) provides an overview of City of Sydney’s (the City’s) young people, aged 12 – 24 years, the City’s youth services, and an assessment of priority youth needs and issues. The Youth Strategy was developed in partnership between Council, members of the City of Sydney Youth Interagency (the Interagency), and the City’s young people.

The development of a Youth Strategy will assist the City and members of the Interagency develop partnerships with each other and collectively prioritise and address youth issues in the City.

The Strategy provides:

  • Demographic Analysis of young people across the City.
  • Outcomes of Consultation with young people and youth agencies.
  • Priority Issues and Needs.
  • Guiding Principles for the City of Sydney Youth Interagency, and
  • Action Plan for implementing Actions to address major Youth Issues and Needs.