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Alameda County, CA, US

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Type: Program

Status: Launched in 2005

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  • The Alameda County (SEM) Network began working together informally in February 2005 and we started the process of forming a group.
  • Currently we are a network of providers and systems partners whom are focused on two main objectives:
1. The creation of The Safe Place Alternative (SPA): A comprehensive intake and assessment center for sexually exploited minors.
2. The creation of A Safe House: A specialized residential program with wraparound services.

The mission of the SEM Network is to provide specialized services and advocacy to sexually exploited minors, as well as provide ongoing education and awareness to support adolescent victims of sexually exploitation in the areas of policy development, cross system/cross regional case planning efforts, viable placement options prevention of further victimization and highlight best practices/lessons learned.

Network Activities

  • Provide referral linkages, support and information to Alameda County and neighboring courts of Contra Costa and San Francisco Counties
  • Community Awareness Campaign, Education, Outreach and Social Marketing Strategies
  • Resource development and data research
  • Capacity Building, Technical Assistance and Training
  • Sponsor Youth Peer Led Projects and Conferences
  • SEM General Meeting Invitation (175Kb)

Programs & Services

  • Asian Health Services/Banteay Srei Program: A program established in the summer of 2004 to address the increasing number of young Southeast Asian women engaged in or at-risk of sexual exploitation. The primary goal of Banteay Srei is to establish a safe space that is pro-knowledge, pro-women, pro-Southeast Asian, pro-youth that promotes education, community building, safe sex/health education and leadership development for young Southeast Asian women engaged in or at risk of sexual exploitation. Banteay Srei is a collaboration of Asian Health Services and the East Bay Asian Youth Center.
  • CAL-PEP/G-Spot Program: Provides a drop-in center for young sex workers and other sexual minorities one day week. The center is located at 1755 Broadway, 3rd floor in Oakland, CA from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Street outreach is conducted several days per week and two days per week we provide mobile case management services inside our 32-foot mobile clinic. Our primary services include peer training, mental health support (one on one counseling) and HIV prevention (HIVP) and Substance Abuse prevention services.
  • Dream Catcher Youth Shelter: The only emergency shelter for youth ages 12 through 18 in Alameda County. It is located in downtown Oakland and provides overnight shelter, laundry facilities, food, showers, clothing, transportation and case management services to youth who have runaway from home, been thrown out of their homes, or who are living on the streets. All services are free of charge and voluntary. All services are confidential, however the center is legally mandated to contact guardians after the first 24 hours of shelter and not longer than 72 hours.
  • George P. Scotlan Youth and Family Center's Sexually Exploited Minors Program: This program offers case management and support services to sexually exploited minors. The overall purpose is to help transition a sexually exploited minor into a self-empowered minor by linking them to concrete resources, ensuring they are in safe place to live with a reliable income. The program also offers mental health counseling/referrals, life skills training and education and mentoring.
  • SEM Referral Card: (64Kb)* Provider Network Resource Guide
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