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Gonzaga University, WA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.gonzaga.edu/Academics/Diversity/IMPACT/default.asp


IMPACT stands for Intercultural and Multicultural Professionals Affecting Change Together. It is a group consisting of faculty and staff of color and their allies at Gonzaga University who have come together for the purposes of supporting one another as individuals who are members of larger racial or ethnic groups least in number on this campus; to support the students of color who represent the same; and, to support this University in its efforts to reflect and educate one another and the community on the rich mysteries of cultural, racial and ethnic human differences that exist both locally, regionally and in our world. The members of this group have set forth for itself the following organic Purpose, Goals, and Objectives.

The Gonzaga University IMPACT initiative has four components: (1) addresses issues of employment of faculty, administrators, and staff as it relates to recruitment and retention of employees of color, (2) to promote awareness of cultural diversity on our campus, in our community, and in the world and be an advocate voice for further learning, and supporting diversity, (3) to develop relationships and partnerships amongst other Gonzaga community members in order to promote good will and mutual understanding of our human difference, and (4) to be a presence and a voice for students of color though mentorship, education, and support.

These components are important because we believe that a Jesuit, Catholic, and humanistic education can only be achieved if the campus experience is reflective of the society and community of which it is a part. Spokane has its challenges in being reflective of the heterogeneousness of our nation and the world. The Gonzaga University IMPACT Group will work to be a bridge to promote multicultural diversity and to support or establish campus-wide forums, which lead to the appreciation and understanding of issues that are particularly sensitive to people of color. It is imperative that the employees of color at Gonzaga University take a leadership role in the establishment of guidelines and policies where appropriate, which permit all persons in the Gonzaga community to enjoy the full benefit of this campus community and surrounding region. This group will also serve in a consultative capacity to the Office of Intercultural Relations.

In concert with the University's goal that "a spirit of community will characterize the environment in which members of the University live, work, and learn," and in carrying out our mission, we are committed to and will assist all persons and groups within the Gonzaga community who seek our assistance.


1) As an advisory committee to the University, the Gonzaga University IMPACT Group will assist in promoting, supporting, and enhancing the Jesuit, Catholic and humanistic mission of providing educational excellence and intellectual development in collaboration and accordance with Goal Six of the Vision 2012 Strategic plan for Gonzaga University which states, To increase diversity and affirm the value of human difference.

2) The Gonzaga University IMPACT Group will establish and maintain itself as a resource and an advisory body to the President, Deans' Council, Human Resources, Office of Admissions and other constituent arms of the University. IMPACT members will provide consultation, assistance and leadership in support of the humanistic goals of the University, and to the intercultural and multicultural goals for furthering the University's commitment to diversity and knowledge of traditions and cultures different from its own.

3) The Gonzaga University IMPACT Group will assist offices and individuals in positions to hire and recruit with the awesome responsibility to attract, support and retain students, faculty, professionals, and staff of color.


  • IMPACT will assist the University in achieving the goals it has set forth for itself while paying particular attention to and supporting where and when appropriate Goal Six of the University Vision 2012 Strategic Plan, To increase diversity and affirm the value of human difference.
  • The IMPACT Group will actively assist the University to support and retain faculty, professional employees, and staff of color already here by providing an environment of mutual support and respect.
  • IMPACT Group members will serve on University committees, participate in focus groups, assist with strategic planning and marketing initiatives, and work directly with both the offices of admissions and student life in the recruitment and retention of students of color.
  • IMPACT will serve as a voice for social justice involving people of color at home and abroad.
  • IMPACT will work to promote awareness and acceptance around human difference especially involving issues of race, culture, and ethnicity.
  • IMPACT will maintain a presence such that students of color and others can look toward its members for mentorship, friendship, and support.
  • IMPACT members will be available to serve on sexual/racial harassment review boards, hate and bias response teams, and any other committees or boards that would benefit from their lived and professional experiences, representation, and assistance.
  • IMPACT will work with the University to plan, organize, and disseminate employment information through our personal and professional associations and organizations, and through University communication and marketing systems.
  • IMPACT will serve as a point of contact for the University to businesses, organizations and communities of color in Spokane and the surrounding area.