Tucson, AZ "Livable Tucson"

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Tucson, AZ, US

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Type: Policy

Date: Initiated in 1997

Background: During the spring and summer of 1997, three public forums were held in each ward to engage the community in identifying a common vision and strategies for achieving a sustainable community. In addition to these ward forums, additional forums were held in the fall targeting businesses, youth, and Spanish speakers. An Internet site also gave citizens the opportunity to contribute their priorities, and City Council offices had bulletin boards for community input. Based on the thousands of comments that the community made, seventeen (17) key goals emerged. These goals embody the values and aspirations of the community to maintain and improve Tucson in the future. The next phase of the Livable Tucson Vision Program involved holding six workshops in the spring of 1998 to develop indicators of progress towards each of the 17 goals. Taken together, the indicators will form a community report card. For the latest Livable Tucson information, including a listing of the goals and indicators, visit the city's Web page at www.ci.tucson.az.us/livable.html.

Website: Livable Tucson