Takoma Park, MD Establishing the Safe Roadways Committee

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Takoma Park, MD, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Adopted on 3/15/04

Vote: Unanimous

Source File: http://www.takomaparkmd.gov/clerk/ordinance/2004/or200408.pdf


ORDINANCE #2004-08

WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Takoma Park recognizes the impact that the transportation system has on the quality of life of Takoma Park residents; and

WHEREAS, the City Council finds that it is in the public interest to create the Takoma Park Safe Roadways Committee, an advisory board intended to advise the City on transportation-related issues including but not limited to pedestrian and bicycle safety, traffic, and transit services.


Section 1. Chapter 2. Article six. Boards and Commission shall be amended as follows to add the Takoma Park Safe Roadways Committee:

Section 1. Committee Established
There is hereby established a Takoma Park Safe Roadways Committee which shall serve in an official advisory role to the City Council on all matters related to transportation.

Section 2. Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Takoma Park Safe Roadways Committee shall be as follows:

A) To advise the City Council on transportation-related issues including pedestrian and bicycle safety, traffic problems, and transit services.

B) To encourage Takoma Park residents to use alternatives to driving including walking, bicycling, and transit.

Section 3. Committee Membership, Terms of Office, Structure, and Staffing A) Membership
The Committee shall consist of up to 11 persons to be appointed by the City Council. One (1) member of the Takoma Park Public Safety Citizens Advisory Committee shall be appointed by the Council to serve on the Committee. Every effort shall be made to have representation from each of the six (6) Wards.

B) Terms of Office
Committee Members shall serve staggered three (3) year terms with initial appointments of one, two and three years. The Takoma Park Public Safety Citizens Advisory Committee appointee shall serve a one (1) year term. All terms shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30. Midterm vacancies shall be filled to serve the balance of the unexpired term.

C) Structure

1) The Committee shall organize and adopt bylaws and rules of procedure, necessary to accomplish its purposes, and elect from its members, a Chairman and other officers as it shall deem necessary. Officers shall serve for a period of one (1) year.
2) The Committee shall meet quarterly or as often as required to fulfill its responsibilities.
3) All meetings shall be open to the public and are subject to the Maryland Open Meetings Law. Meeting notices and agendas shall be prepared and submitted to the City Clerk and posted in advance of any Committee meeting in accordance with state law. Written records of Committee proceedings shall be maintained. A report on the activities of the Committee shall be submitted to the Council once a year.
4) The Committee shall not meet unless a majority of the Members are present.
5) The Committee, individually or as a whole, may lobby or provide comments or recommendations on behalf of the Committee to entities other than the Council, only to the extent that they are consistent with established policies of the city or as authorized through formal action of the City Council. This does not preclude committee members from presenting their views as individuals.

D) Staffing
The City Manager or his or her designee shall provide appropriate staff support to the Committee.

Section 4. Duties and Responsibilities of the Committee
The Committee shall advise and assist the Council with respect to developing and implementing policies to increase transportation safety and accessibility in Takoma Park, especially for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders. In furtherance of these duties, the Commission shall attempt to accomplish the following:

A) Develop a Transportation Strategy for consideration and adoption by the Council. This Strategy shall guide the City’s efforts on transportation issues and shall be updated every two years.

B) Assist as directed by the Council in the development of policies and programming that address the transportation concerns of the community.

C) Assist the Council in prioritizing transportation related projects.

D) Keep abreast of what other communities are doing to promote pedestrian and bicycle safety and increase transit use.

E) Prepare an annual report to the Council on the activities of the Committee and provide additional briefings as required.

Section 2. This Ordinance shall be effective immediately upon adoption.