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Date: 2000

Background: The Sustainable Oregon website, inspired by the Sustainability Executive Order of 2000, is a project of the Oregon Economic & Community Development Department with support from the Governor's Office, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, Ecotrust, and Sustainable Northwest. SustainableOregon.net exists to fulfill a portion of this executive order that requires the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department to:

Develop a range of resources to support organizations adopting sustainable practices. These resources may include training and educational opportunities, electronically available information, and case studies and other services of greatest value to businesses, communities and other organizations.

SustainableOregon.net is an online resource that provides tools for individuals interested in sustainability to connect with resources, organizations, agencies and other inspiring individuals who are putting progressive ideas into action. SustainableOregon.net paints a rich picture of sustainability in Oregon - where we are, who's involved, and how can we work towards an environmentally, economically, and socially responsible future.

In the spirit of creating partnerships and working together to find sustainable solutions, this site was built and continues to be a collaboration between state agencies, non-profits, private entities, and dedicated individuals. (Visit our Thank You page to see the people and organizations that have contributed to this site.) The contents of this site recognize the breadth and depth of Oregon's existing networks, organizations, governments, and businesses contributing to a sustainable future.

Sustainable Oregon