Sheffield, England Green and Open Space Strategy

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Sheffield, England

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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Developing a Green & Open Space Strategy for Sheffield
Sheffield has a unique green and open space legacy with great potential. The City Council and its many partners are currently embarking on the development of an ambitious new stategy for Sheffield's green and open spaces, with the simple aim of : Making Sheffield’s Outdoors Great.

This new Strategy will set out the authority’s vision for the use of green and open space across the city with goals for achieving this. It will coordinate with other relevant strategies and masterplans to inform decision-making across the city.

Importantly, it will define the significance and priority due to our green and open spaces - for the benefit of our communities; bio-diversity; the wider environment and to the economy.

The Vision:
Sheffield is the greenest city in Britain, proud of its rich variety of open spaces. Our strategy will ensure that every area of the City has green and open spaces of exceptional quality for all current and future generations to use and enjoy.

Realising this Vision
At the beginning of September 2007, a specially designated project development team was established by the Council. They will be working in partnership to ensure that Sheffield’s green & open spaces benefit everyone.

The working aims for the project are:

  • To provide a coordinated approach to green & open space provision, management and regeneration
  • To prioritise and maximise resources
  • To provide a city-wide green & opens space strategy that meets the needs of all
  • To understand what we have in Sheffield, in order to-
  • Realise opportunities

Taking a staged approach, initial activities are focused on fact-finding and analysis. This will include an extensive on-site audit of over 1000 green and spaces in Sheffield, starting Autumn 2007.