University of Buffalo, NY Campus Wildlife Policy

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University of Buffalo, NY, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted on 3/21/95

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Campus Wildlife Policy

The University will not kill any wildlife or use any lethal means of control on campus wildlife except as noted below:

  • Lethal means of control may be used as already addressed by the official policy of Public Safety which states that a suspected rabid or dangerous animal will only be destroyed when it presents a clear and present danger to a member of the campus community.
  • In all other cases Public Safety policy calls for the notification of either the SPCA, ADC, or a wildlife rehabilitator who may secure the animal through the use of a trap, snare, or tranquilizer.
  • In all other circumstances, in the event that non-lethal methods of control have proved to be ineffective after sufficient attempts, the Senior Vice President will establish a committee to fully investigate other possible methods and relevant issues.
  • Student organizations will be appropriately notified and invited to participate in the investigation of alternative solutions to campus wildlife problems.
  • The Committee will issue a report to the Senior VP of their findings and recommendations.
  • The Senior VP, after consultation, will decide upon a method of control to be used and will inform the University community.
  • This policy is not meant to supersede any government public health measures.
  • Rats and mice are specifically excluded from the provisions of this policy.