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Stanford University, CA, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Our way of saying "thanks"
Clean Air Cash is one of the main benefits of being a member of the Stanford University Commute Club. By becoming a member of the Commute Club, you'll not only reduce air pollution, traffic congestion, commute stress, and daily parking hassles on campus, but you'll also be eligible for up to $282 in Clean Air Cash every year.

Stanford University is one of the very few organizations that rewards its community financially for using alternative transportation. Remember, Stanford pays you to relax, so if you ride a bike, take transit, or carpool to campus, join the Commute Club and claim your Clean Air Cash reward. If you don't currently commute using alternative transportation, why not start?

Who is eligible and what do you get?
To receive Clean Air Cash, you must meet all of the eligibility requirements for the Commute Club and must not have any Stanford parking permit other than daily scratchers (or an "SH" permit, if applicable) during the time you are registered for the Commute Club.

We will pay you $23.50 for each month you qualify for the Commute Club, for a total of $282 for the 2008-09 academic year.

At the end of each academic quarter, you will receive Clean Air Cash for the months in that quarter in which you qualified. Employees receive payments as a credit on their payroll checks, while students (and others not on the Stanford payroll) receive payments through direct deposit to their bank accounts.

Notes for students:

  • If you are an NCAA athlete, check with Athletics before you take a credit.
  • If you receive financial aid, report the cash received from us to your Financial Aid Office.

Not sure you can commit to alternative transportation?
Joining the Commute Club doesn't mean you can't drive to campus. As a Commute Club member, you can purchase up to eight scratchers per month for the times you need to drive.

  • Never need to drive? Use your $282 of Clean Air Cash to purchase bicycle accessories, new walking shoes, transit tickets, or other things you need or want.
  • Need to drive occasionally? Use your Clean Air Cash to purchase 'C' scratchers ($4.50 each) or 'A' scratchers ($11 each) for the days you need to drive.
  • Need to drive once a week? If you purchase 52 'C' scratchers at a cost of $234, you will save $48 compared to buying an annual 'C' permit. If you purchase 52 'A' scratchers at a cost of $572, you will save $154 compared to buying an annual 'A' permit. By using your Clean Air Cash to purchase scratchers, you can park "for free" once a week, and still have $48 or $154 left over!
  • Need to drive more frequently? You can purchase up to eight scratchers per month, or 96 scratchers per year. $432 for 96 'C' scratchers, minus $282 in Clean Air Cash, equals $150 in net cost to you. This is still cheaper than purchasing a 'C' permit at $282 a year!

Daily parking scratchers are convenient to receive. You can order them online and request mail delivery, so you don't have to come to the P&TS office to get your scratchers! For those eligible, you can choose payroll deduction to maximize your savings.

Also, the Commute Club doesn't need to be a year-round commitment - you can join or drop out at any time. For example, if you only bike during warm weather, you can drop out in the winter and then rejoin in the spring. If you are taking a six-week class after work a couple days a week, then you can drop out during the six weeks and join again when the class ends. We welcome your membership at any time and for any duration!