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Eckerd College, FL, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The Eckerd College Recycling Program is run by students and coordinated through the office of Service Learning. This hands-on approach to recycling allows students to learn about the process through active participation. Currently the recycling program offers a full range of collection services to the residential side of campus, along with paper collection on the academic side.

History and Overview of Program
Eckerd College RecyclingOver recent years Eckerd’s recycling program has evolved from humble beginnings into a successful student-run program. Demand for recycling, supported by the initiative and hard work of many students over the years (along with help from college staff) has made this program a success.

In 2005, a dedicated recycling truck was purchased along with additional bins. In 2006, the Environmental Service-learning Intern became the facilitator for the program. With this additional assistance and leadership, the program has grown to its current capacity.

Since its inception, the Recycling Program has formed key partnerships with local community groups. The Louise Graham Regeneration Center takes all of Eckerd’s paper waste and reconverts this material into the bathroom tissue and paper towels that are used throughout campus. This non-profit organization uses recycling as a tool to help developmentally disabled adults learn life skills. They also provide other support services to developmentally disabled adults in the local community.

Eckerd College also works with Hands On Recycling, a local business, for the collection of electronics. Hands On Recycling takes cell phones, printer cartridges, and other used electronics. At the end of the last academic year they collected many of the electronic pieces left around campus.

To improve the recycling program, Eckerd College is investing in separated recycling containers. Iota has the first of these containers in use. These collection receptacles facilitate recycling efforts by organizing materials into their constituent parts.

Recycling Center
The recycling center is located by the waterfront, across from the tennis courts. The recycling center is open from 3:00 to 6:00 Monday through Friday. The center is closed for school holidays. You can leave recyclable items at the center while Eckerd is in session. We ask that the items you deposit at the center can be processed by our facility and are left in a clean and orderly fashion. Keep in mind that students do sort these items and would appreciate your care and consideration. Please do not deposit electronics or other environmentally hazardous material at the center. These items leach toxins into the environment when it rains. For recommendations on how to recycle these materials, please visit our What Can be Recycled and Where page.

Recycling Assistants and Recycling Coordinators
An integral aspect of the recycling program is our dedicated recycling team. The Recycling Coordinators lead various shifts and make the program run smoothly. The Recycling Assistants are students who do recycling as their work study position. These individuals work together to make the program a success. If you are interested in joining our recycling team please contact the current Environmental Service-learning Intern, Audrey Copeland. We are always interested in expanding our recycling team with enthusiastic individuals.

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