University of Waterloo (Canada) "UW Farm Market"

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Type: Program

Status: Established in 2006

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UW Farm Market

Students at the University of Waterloo have teamed up with UW Food Services to create the campus’ first ever market. The UW Farm Market made a commitment to bring a local market to the campus. The new market opened in September 2006 and boasts 100% local produce as well as other products from the area, sourced mainly from the Elmira Produce Auction Cooperative.

The UW Farm Market will be open to all students, staff, faculty and to the public. It follows other local initiatives like Foodlink Waterloo Region which promotes food localism. Student volunteers will be operating the not-for-profit market while UW Food Services will handle purchasing and the short-distance shipment to campus.

We’re bringing the fresh harvest of local farms, preserves and honeys made in Waterloo County together with fresh baked goods from our own UW Village Bakery allowing students to purchase fresh, nutritious foods without leaving campus and at the same time reduce their ecological footprint.

It’s another way UW is making a difference and students and staff have responded with enthusiasm.

New this summer, and in support of the environment, we are promoting a "Bring Your Own Bag" program for our market. We will have canvas bags, made in Chatham, available for purchase.

Located in the Student Life Centre, this summer the UW Farm Market will once again feature UW Village Bakery baked specialties and a selection of locally grown product.

Don't miss an exciting opportunity to purchase quality products and enjoy the ambiance of a farmers market.