Cork, Ireland City Biodiversity Plan

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Cork, Ireland

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Type: Policy

Status: Introduced in 2008

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Cork City Council has prepared a Draft Biodiversity Action Plan for the City. Biodiversity means the variety of life on earth. It includes all living plants and animals whether rare or common as well as habitats, genetic variation and ecosystems.

The aim of the Draft Cork City Biodiversity Action Plan is: “To promote the appreciation and enjoyment of Cork City’s biodiversity amongst the people of the city and to identify, understand and conserve the biodiversity of the city for future generations”

Cork City Council is undertaking a consultation process to get your views and opinions on how the Biodiversity of the City should be protected and enhanced. Copies of the Plan can be viewed or purchased at the Planning Desk of Cork City Council, and are available in the local libraries. Copies can also be downloaded here: Draft Cork City Biodiversity Action Plan (36-page pdf)