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Cornell College, IA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 5/6/03

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Resolution on Addition of “Gender Identity and Gender Expression” to the Non-Discrimination Policy of the College

Whereas, people who identify themselves as transgender, as well as people who are perceived to be transgender, are subject to overt forms of discrimination in many areas, including employment, housing, education, emergency medical care, and protection by law enforcement officials; and

Whereas, Cornell College values diversity and works to provide and inclusive and welcoming environment; and

Whereas, to that end, Cornell College has a non-discrimination policy that promises to protect students, faculty and staff from discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin, or disability; and

Whereas, institutions and municipalities (University of Iowa, Iowa City, etc.) in surrounding areas, as well as throughout the nation (Boulder, Chicago, Providence, Denver, States of Minnesota and Rhode Island, etc.), have added “gender identity and gender expression” to their non-discrimination policies or statutes in order to protect transgender people and those people who are perceived to be transgender; and

Whereas, the addition of language to the non-discrimination policy of the college that would protect persons on the basis of “gender identity and gender expression,” is supported by the Council on Multiculturalism, Alliance, Sister 4 Sister, Womyn’s Action Group, Womyn’s Resource Group, Men Against Violence, Cornell Greens, Alpha Sigma Pi (Arrows), the Registrar, the Directors of Intercultural Life and Residence Life, the Assistant Director of Student Life and various members of the faculty and staff; and

Whereas, the Student Senate of Cornell College serves as the representative voice of the student body, let it be

RESOLVED That the Student Senate of Cornell College supports and recommends the addition of “gender identity and gender expression” to the non-discrimination statements in use at the College.