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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

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Purchasing – From paper and office supplies to computers and lab equipment, the University will purchase and dispose of a wide range of materials. UC Merced is developing policies to ensure environmental considerations are taken into account when those purchasing decisions are made. Policy will promote purchases that include recycled content, reduced packaging and other means of promoting environmental stewardship while making sure that the campus operates smoothly. Recipient of the UC 2006 Best Practices Achievement Award

These are some of UC Merced's achievements and practices related to its Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) program:

1. Inclusion of EPP considerations in systemwide strategic sourcing projects

2. Incorporatation of EPP language, questions, and provisions in bid documents, including quality point criteria for most formal bids

3. Support for campus LEED-NC & LEED-EB requirements and EPP in bidding, contract awards and negotiations for materials and services

  • Carpeting: The UC Merced campus has awarded multiple-year contracts that provide carpeting with EPP attributes, such as exceeding Green Label VOC standards and using carpet with more than 30% recycled content that is 100% PVC free.
  • Furniture: All furniture awards include EPP criteria and considerations with the following attributes: Cradle-to-Cradle designs; Greenguard certified; environmentally friendly harvesting and manufacturing processes; durable and EPP fabrics; recyclable materials, high-recycled content; blanket wrapping; local distribution; standardization on products across campus.
  • Shuttles: the campus utilizes CNG buses to improve air quality. The supplier is committed to providing efficient and appropriate vehicles based on ridership.
  • Vehicle Purchase: purchase of a hybrid truck.
  • Library Stacks: 57% to 86% recycled content, Low VOC paints, recycled chemicals and raw materials used in manufacturing process and 100% steel scrap recycling, minimal packaging.
  • Washers and Dryers: Energy Star Rated.
  • Food Contracts: the campus is committed to increasing the number of contracts using local growers and organic produce. The use of fair-trade coffee is implemented.
  • Reprographic Services: Environmentally friendly production process, inks and disposal.

4. Recycles Paper. The campus has changed from using virgin paper to using recycled paper and it has achieved cost savings in switching to this environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative.

5. Supports other contract initiatives.

  • Supplier commitments to providing information and make recommendations on new energy saving products when available. (UPS contract source, Scientific contract alliances, etc).
  • Manufacturer direct/drop-shipments rather than shipments from distributors. (Information Technology contracts and networking contracts).
  • Trade-in, take-back options for equipment and furnishings.

6. Captures EPP contract achievements in the campus Purchasing System (PAC). This allows Purchasing to track orders that have environmentally friendly attributes/characteristics.

7. Has re-engineered Purchase Order documentation to include a checklist that can capture specific EPP results relative to each Purchase award. The campusos in the process of updating this checklist to meet LEED-EB requirements.

EPP is addressed in the campus purchasing policy and a EPP policy will be developed in the near future.