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University of Denver, CO, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Beyond the Classroom:
Going beyond the classroom and into the Colorado playground, the Environmental Awareness Living and Learning Community, engages students in a creative, experiential and rigorous approach to learning that combines research, meaningful service and peer collaboration.

Our mission at the EALLC is to raise the level of awareness of environmental issues through research, experience and service while empowering our students to think creatively and introspectively. We are committed to providing students with a rich academic experience that goes beyond the classroom and highlights the interplay between society and the environment.

Students in EALLC understand that our planet is a beautiful and fragile home and come from points across the country and the world. They have majors ranging from environmental science and anthropology to business and the liberal arts.

As an incoming Freshman to the University and a student in the EALLC program you’ll live, learn, work and play together with a select group of 21 other students who share an understanding and passion for the environment. But as you might imagine, being part of the EALLC is more than just living together – it’s about creating friendships and learning about a variety of environmental issues both in Denver and around the world.

Extracurricular events are an important part of the EALLC experience. Quarterly retreats to places like Rocky Mountain National Park and Snow Mountain Ranch, provide an opportunity for students to continue building relationships while learning about a variety of environmental issues.

As a student in the EALLC, you’ll take a two-credit seminar each quarter on a topic related to the environment. These seminars, which are taught by faculty from a variety of disciplines, can be applied toward a major or a minor in environmental science or geography. They may even be used as an elective credit. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to take a first-year English course that is linked to the EALLC and focuses on environmental issues.

As a student in the EALLC program you share an understanding and passion for the concerns of local and regional communities. It’s through this experience where you’ll begin to develop sustainable approaches to environmental issues that have global implications.

The Environmental Awareness Living and Learning Community enhances students' DU experience...

  • By fostering connections with local environmental organizations
  • By inspiring students to be advocates for the environment
  • By raising the level of environmental awareness
  • By encouraging students to put environmental awareness into practice through their actions and decision making

Our students will be inspired to explore and discover. They will drive positive change in the University, community and world with lifelong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Student Expectations

1. Environmental Awareness Living and Learning Community students must enroll in a two credit hour seminar course each quarter in order to live on the Environmental Awareness floor and be a part of the program. Please consult with your academic advisor and Environmental Awareness Living and Learning Community staff to arrange your schedule properly.

2. Students will make an effort to participate in Environmental Awareness Living and Learning Community functions.

3. Students are expected to attend ALL class and retreats.

4. Students are expected to complete written and reading assignments in a timely manner.

5. Environmental Awareness Living and Learning Community students will have FUN and broaden their horizons!

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