Richmond, British Columbia Pesticide Risk Reduction

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Richmond, Canada

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted in 2006

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In 2006 Richmond adopted a community-wide Pesticide Risk Reduction Policy.

Rather than focusing solely on cosmetic use, which addresses only a part of the risk, the City’s Policy approach strives to encourage collaborative action across all responsible parties (all levels of government, agricultural community, industry, and residential users).

The policy focuses the City’s efforts on:

  • strengthening internal City practices
  • working with community partners to facilitate information sharing and the adoption of practices that reduce pesticide risk by reducing the need for treatments, use alternative approaches and strengthen pesticide application practices
  • encouraging senior governments to better ensure that human and environmental health is protected (e.g., by strengthened product testing, developing economic incentives for registering reduced toxicity products.)

The City Risk Reduction Policy and further information on the City review of alternative management strategies, including Restrictive Bylaws, can be found in the following reports: