Hamline University, MN Cultural Diversity Policy

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Hamline University, MN, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Last revised on 8/25/05

Source File: http://www.hamline.edu/shared/policies/university_all/cultural_diversity.html


Hamline University commits itself to inviting, supporting, and affirming cultural diversity on the campus. All university programs and practices, academic and co-curricular, shall be designed to create a learning environment in which cultural differences are valued. To ensure the achievement of these policy goals, Hamline University is committed to:

  • Encouraging all organizations to have, as part of their constitution and by-laws, a cultural diversity policy that states explicitly the organization's commitment to fostering cultural diversity on campus;
  • Encouraging inclusiveness in all organizations while respecting the different needs of organizations composed of groups that have been or currently are denied equal opportunity;
  • Developing and maintaining academic/co-curricular programs and a university climate that promises a responsible, civil, and open exchange of ideas;
  • Educating all members of the university community about diversity and forms of discrimination, such as racism, sexism, and homophobia;
  • Maintaining a respectful environment free from all forms of harassment, hostility, and violence;
  • Recruiting and working to retain students, faculty, and staff who are members of historically or otherwise under represented groups; and
  • Providing the necessary financial and academic support to recruit and retain diverse students, faculty, and staff.

The University's Diversity Committee shall act as a resource for the implementation of this policy and shall report annually to the President and the University Council. The President shall ensure that activities are developed to implement this policy.