Antioch Unified School District, CA Recycling Resolution

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Antioch Unified School District, CA, US

Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted

Source File:


WHEREAS, the district recognizes the need to cost effectively recycle materials it uses, and

WHEREAS, vendor support is necessary to promote efficient recycling and marketing of recycled products, and

WHEREAS, recycling is necessary to reduce the load on landfill capacity, and

WHEREAS, paper, yard waste and food service disposables are prime candidates for recycling, and

WHEREAS, district staff should serve as a positive role model concerning environmental issues,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, THAT, the Antioch Unified School District promote, implement and encourage the recycling of paper, yard waste and food service disposables in district programs, and

THAT the district secure cooperation from local and state agencies, public and private, to implement cost effective recycling, and

THAT the district purchase recycled materials whenever practical, and

THAT the district encourage student participation in recycling through appropriate activities and instructional programs.

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