Seattle, WA Designating the Great Blue Heron as the Official Bird of the City

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Seattle, WA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 3/17/03

Vote: Unanimous (with 2 excused)

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Resolution Number: 30586
A RESOLUTION designating the Great Blue Heron as the official bird of the City of Seattle.

WHEREAS, Seattle citizens have voted at city parks, in school classrooms, and through other methods for a bird to be designated as Seattle's official bird; and

WHEREAS, votes for the Great Blue Heron outnumbered the second place finisher, the ubiquitous American Crow, two to one, the Northern Flicker, Seattle's most plentiful woodpecker, finished the race in third place, and honorable mentions include the "Seattle Wren," a sub species of the Bewick's wren; the Osprey, a bird of prey also known as a Seahawk; and the Wilson's Warbler, a migratory songbird that benefits from shade-grown coffee; and

WHEREAS, the familiar Great Blue Heron is the largest heron in North America having a slate-gray body, chestnut and black accents, and very long legs and neck; and

WHEREAS, the unique geology and ecology of Seattle, including large amounts of open water and wetlands, urban forest habitat, fish and amphibians provide good conditions for the Great Blue Heron to reside all over Seattle; and

WHEREAS, nesting colonies are typically found in mature forests, and do best when they are free of human disturbance and have foraging areas close by; and

WHEREAS, the large and majestic Great Blue Heron has charmed Seattleites of all ages because it is easy to see, identify and enjoy; and

WHEREAS, the City Council and the Mayor recognize that the Great Blue Heron is a common permanent resident in many Seattle parks and greenbelts; and

WHEREAS, the official bird designation offers heron habitat no additional regulatory protection, and

WHEREAS, the official bird designation of the Great Blue Heron will raise public awareness of the unique behavior and habitat requirements of this species, and foster public stewardship for its continued existence; and

WHEREAS, at the request of the Seattle Audubon Society and Seattle citizens,


The Great Blue Heron is hereby designated as the official bird of the City of Seattle.