Cheyenne, WY Urban Forestry

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Cheyenne, WY, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

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Every feasible planting space in Cheyenne occupied by a suitable and thriving tree of good health and safe structure.

Dedicated to improving the urban forest by: Working with citizens, businesses, government agencies and tree care professionals in maintaining and renewing a safe, healthy, and diverse mature tree canopy to enhance the beauty and prosperity of the community.

Our Definition of an Urban Forest: The relationship of all trees and woody shrubs existing, alive or dead, within an area developed, lived in, worked in, and managed, by people.


  • Providing educational opportunities and information to citizens and professional tree care personnel.
  • Leading by example in tree planting, and overall tree care on city owned and maintained lands.
  • Through research and experimentation plant a wide variety of tree species that are able to grow in this planting zone.
  • Working with architects, planners, developers, governing body, business owners, and citizens to design and incorporate ideal tree planting locations and species along new and existing city streets.
  • Minimize public right-of-way safety concerns caused by trees and shrubs.
  • Monitor tree mortality causing insect and disease threats with inspection, action, and follow-up.


  • Perform a whole system tree evaluation to determine: the different tree species and percent of whole, health, safety, insect and disease problems, and available planting spaces. (Overall tree evaluation Completed 2004, Click here for more info)
  • Attain a tree replacement to removal ratio of 5 to 1. (Ongoing goal)
  • Attain an overall tree species mix not to exceed 10% of total for any one species. (Ongoing process that will take many years)
  • Determine the best watering and fertilizing regime for each species and area to attain the best tree health without application of pesticides. (Ongoing)
  • Research and develop maintenance methods to maximize tree growth and longevity for this area. (Ongoing)
  • Reduce the use of treated water for watering trees. The Board of Public Utilities (water department) has installed pipe for reuse water delivery to some park areas, cemeteries, some athletic fields, and a golf course. The line went into service Summer of 2007. We also draft untreated water out of Lake Absarraca.
  • A citizen's forestry advisory committee called Cheyenne Community Forestry Committee was formed in January 2007.
  • Find ways to keep beetle infested trees, removed commercially and privately, out of the landfill. (The forestry division peels the bark off of tree trunks using a chainsaw powered bark peeler).