Chapel Hill, NC Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan

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Chapel Hill, NC, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted on 10/24/04

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On October 24, 2004 The Town Council adopted the Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan as a component of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. The Action Plan is a long-range plan which identifies proposed new and improved bicycle and pedestrian facilities for the Town. It identifies a strategy to implement the plan and also a number of education and encouragement actions to improve conditions and facilities for walking and bicycling as a means of transportation.

General public interest purposes
The general public interest purposes implicit in this Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan are:

  • To promote public health and safety, access to community facilities and businesses for all, regardless of age, physical capacity, weather conditions and time of day, and to promote diverse modes of transportation.

Purpose of the Plan:

  • To increase bicycle and pedestrian use,
  • To identify a potential network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and
  • To identify methods of creating it.

Objectives of the Plan:

  • To identify locations for improved facilities or engineering improvements which:
  • connect neighborhoods to adjacent existing schools, activity centers, recreational facilities and transit stops,
  • close gaps between existing facilities,
  • facilitate travel between residential neighborhoods and key employment, recreation, shopping centers, such as downtown and UNC and,
  • connect Chapel Hill with neighboring communities
  • To identify actions which promote walking and bicycling through education and encouragement.
  • To outline an implementation strategy for the actions identified in the action plan.