Colgate University, NY Diversity Council

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Colgate University, NY, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

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The Diversity Council directs the multiyear effort to examine the recommendations contained in the report issued by the diversity pre-planning group.

Members of the council have been drawn from faculty, staff and student body.

The council is responsible for analyzing the recommendations in the pre-planning report and either implementing, or justifying the non-implementation, of each recommendation.

The council also develops and implement new recommendations that will make measurable progress towards the larger issues and goals raised in the report and in the strategic plan.

A small executive committee, chaired by the dean of the faculty and dean of the college, meets on a more regular basis to oversee the work of the council.

The work of the council is conducted in two ways:

The council meet regularly in open session. Each meeting focuses on a specific topic and gives the entire community an opportunity to participate.

The executive committee works to ensure implementation of the council’s recommendations. The committee comprises senior leaders of the administration and faculty. The group consults with representatives of various programs, departments and other Colgate entities as needed. The executive committee report its progress to the president every six months.

The council will be active for three years. At the end of three years, it will submit a report to the president that outlines its accomplishments and challenges and that presents measurable progress on diversity at Colgate.

The president will report on the council’s progress and activities to Colgate’s Board of Trustees and to the faculty.