Salem, OR Free Tree Program

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Salem, OR, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The annual Free Streamside Tree Program was designed as part of Salem's ongoing efforts to improve water quality in our waterways. Since the program's inception in 2003, a total of 2181 native plants have been provided for streamside habitat enhancement throughout the city.

The Free Tree Program has ended for this year. Thanks to an incredible response from Salem streamside residents, we were able to give away nearly 1,100 plants to 185 participants. Next season's program is scheduled to begin January 2009 with our annual mailing to streamside properties.

Our featured native plants for the 2008 season are highlighted below:

Western Redcedar Thuja plicata
A spectacular long-lived evergreen tree that can grow to 200 feet tall with a diameter of 10 feet or more. Prefers moist habitats, but can be found on dry slopes.

Red Osier Dogwood Cornus stolonifera
A deciduous shrub with striking red bark during winter months. Can reach heights of up to 15 feet. Tiny white flowers grouped in clusters.

Vine Maple Acer circinatum
This shrubby tree can reach heights of up to 25 feet. It has incredible fall color and small red and white flowers in the spring. Prefers moist soils.

Red Flowering Currant Ribes sanguineum
Hummingbirds are attracted to this deciduous shrub with pink to rich red flowers that hang from the plant in clusters. Can grow to 10 feet in height.