Burlington, VT Medicinal Marijuana

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Burlington, VT, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 10/24/94

Source File: (Missing)


October 24, The City of Burlington, like numerous other municipalities and states [Note: 36 states, including Vermont, have passed resolutions in support of medical marijuana], passed a resolution stating, in part:

  • Significant scientific and medical studies have demonstrated that marijuana is safe for use under medical supervision and that the cannabis plant, in its natural form, has important therapeutic actions that are often of critical medical importance to persons afflicted with a variety of life and sense-threatening illnesses;
  • Courts have recognized marijuana's medical value in treatment and have ruled that marijuana can be a drug of "necessity" in the treatment of glaucoma, cancer, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis, and conditions of permanent pain and/or paralysis;
  • The people of the State of Vermont believe that well trained medical professionals should be responsible for determining a patient's routine of medical care, and;
  • Seriously ill Vermonters and other Americans are suffering unnecessarily because of federal policies which legally prohibit marijuana's legitimate medical use [emphasis added].

The resolution resolved, "the Burlington City Council memorializes the President and the United States Congress to end federal prohibition against marijuana's legitimate medical use by creating a rational system of prescriptive medical access to marijuana."