Bowdoin College, ME Annual Give & Go Sale

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Bowdoin College, ME, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The 2008 Give & Go was a success, raising over $40,000!
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At the close of every school year, Bowdoin students leave behind thousands of possessions – everything from clothes to couches, shoes to skis, and rugs to reading material. Thanks to the Give & Go sale, these items are salvaged and resold, with the profits divided among local non-profit organizations according to their volunteer hours.

As students head home, they place donations in large cardboard collection bins. Through an incredibly impressive effort, volunteers collect, clean and eventually sell the student donations back to the community. Everything except food and toiletries are sorted and sold; these items are donated to the Midcoast Hunger Prevention Program.

The growing enthusiasm throughout the Brunswick community lead more people to Give & Go each year. Although the sale doesn't begin until 8 AM on Saturday, some arrive 6 AM or earlier to be the first to dive into the unbeatable bargains. Hundreds of people traipse through the arena in a single day, almost clearing the cavernous space by the 3 PM. Any remaining clothing is packed and sent to charities overseas, and non-clothing items are donated to local charities,including the Salvation Army and the 7th Day Adventist Community Center.

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