Longwood University, VA Energy Sustainability Initiatives

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Longwood University, VA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.longwood.edu/greencampus/areas/energy/energy.html


Longwood's Energy Sustainability Initiatives

Boiler Plant
Recently two boilers were replaced in Longwood's heating plant. They utilize sawdust, a renewable energy source. The boilers produce 90% of the heat and hot water required for use in the residence halls.

In the planning stage is a completely new heating plant which will house three new boilers that will also utilize wood as a primary heat source.

Health & Fitness Center
The new Health & Fitness Center is the first Longwood University construction project to seek LEEDS certification. There are three levels of sustainability for LEEDS certification which are determined by a point system; Longwood has obtained a "Gold" rating.

Obtaining the points required demands working with the architect and contractor throughout every stage of design and construction. Tasks being done to help obtain certification include the:

  • Separation of trash.
  • Use of recyclable materials.
  • Items utilized are manufactured within 100 miles of the construction site.
  • Mechanical equipment is wrapped and stored off of the ground.

Facility Operation

  • Green Seal™ certified and other eco-friendly cleaning products are utilized for the cleaning of Longwood facilities.
  • Integrated Pest Management services are used for the Longwood Campus in compliance with Green Building Council guidelines.
  • Paper products comprised of recycled content are utilized campus-wide.
  • Recyclable materials, including mixed office paper and corrugated materials, are collected and sent for processing.
  • Lawn care: partially organic materials are used for turf application.