Penn-Delco School District, PA Paper Recycling Program

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Penn-Delco School District, PA, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Community Participation is Encouraged!

Penn-Delco has joined the Paper Retriever Program of Abitibi-Consolidated and is now able to recycle paper, newspapers, catalogs, magazines, junk mail, weekly advertisement circulars, construction and poster paper, shredded paper, as well as spiral notebooks and workbooks!

The main goal of this program is to be more proactive and attentive to the environmental benefits of recycling paper. We want our students to learn and experience the importance of conservation and the impact we have on our world. Secondly, our schools will be able to utilize this program as a fund-raiser as well. Each of our schools will earn money based on the number of tons of paper collected each month.

To truly maximize the potential of the paper-recycling program, we welcome the community to get involved. You can help to foster our goal of environmental stewardship, as well as assist with our fund-raising, by bringing your paper and dropping it off in our yellow and green paper-retriever dumpsters. All of our dumpsters are located on the side or rear of each school. It is easy to get started - just place an empty box near your trash can at home, collect paper, and drop it off at one of our school dumpsters each week.

Every time our dumpster is full, our school saves 17 trees from being cut down!

Estimates indicate that over 2.2 million cubic yards of landfill space is saved each year nationally as a result of Abitibi’s program!

If dropping off shredded paper: please put it in a plastic bag, knot it, and put a hole in the bag to let out the air trapped inside.

If dropping off workbooks: please take off the front and back hardcover - the metal spiral may remain intact. You do not need to remove staples from the paper.