Tompkins County, NY ReBusiness Partnership Program

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Tompkins County, NY, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The ReBusiness Partnership Program is designed to assist local businesses and organizations reduce waste (Reduce and Reuse), adopt green purchasing practices (Rebuy), and increase recycling (Recycle).

What do committed ReBusiness Partners receive?
Public recognition from the community for their efforts to help the environment.

  • FREE technical assistance from Solid Waste throughout the process, including a waste assessment.
  • FREE desk-side recycling bins and labels.
  • FREE signage.
  • The rights to use the ReBusiness logo.

Why become a ReBusiness Partner?
In addition to receiving public recognition and assistance from Tompkins County Solid Waste, a ReBusiness partner:

  • Reduces the amount of trash being sent to the landfill.
  • Saves energy and natural resources.
  • Helps sustain the community in which we live.
  • Could potentially experience bottom line savings.
  • Complies with New York State and local laws.

Who can become a partner?
Any Tompkins County business or organization can become a ReBusiness Partner. Interested businesses are provided with a FREE waste assessment and follow-up report of recommendations to help reduce waste, recycle and implement green purchasing practices. Once a business has met the following criteria, it will be invited to become a ReBusiness Partner.

In order to become a ReBusiness Partner, a business must:

  • Have a recycling program set-up to effectively collect all mandatory recyclables,
  • Demonstrate at least 3 activities in the areas of reduce, reuse, or rebuy, AND
  • Commit to submitting an annual recycling and waste reduction questionnaire which will be used to comply with New York State reporting requirements.

For more information about the program, please contact Solid Waste.