Canada Bay, Australia Nuclear Free Zone

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Canada Bay, Australia

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 8/15/06

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Text of Resolution

1.THAT Council re-affirm its declaration that the City of Canada Bay is a nuclear free zone, opposing the establishment of any industry or activity involving the treatment or processing of any such mineral or nuclear material; or the transportation of any nuclear materials or weapons through the Council boundaries; or the docking of any vessel within the Council boundaries that has failed to verify that no radioactive material is on board; except in direct and exclusive association with a hospital, medical facility and in any measuring device.

2.THAT Council assure the Canada Bay community that Council will oppose any plan or attempt to establish a nuclear reactor or nuclear power plant in the Canada Bay City area, in the Parramatta River catchment or in the Sydney Harbour region.

3.THAT Council calls on the Federal and State governments for more research into and development of renewable energy sources and the need for society to become more energy efficient.