Scarsdale School District, NY Green Schools Initiative

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Scarsdale School District, NY, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted in June 2007

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Board of Education Resolution on Sustainability

As part of the global community and as educators of future leaders and global citizens, the Scarsdale Public Schools will encourage and show leadership in using ecologically sustainable practices that will help preserve our environment for current and future generations. The District will develop conservation measures, educational programs, and other efforts aimed at promoting behavior that is consistent with an ethic of sustainability.

The Schools also recognize our impact on the environment, and we understand that we must take a systematic approach to avoid or limit negative impacts. We hereby adopt as a goal the reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions by ten percent below the District's 1990-91 emissions level by the year 2020.

See the background info tab for the district's 2007-08 goals.