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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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What is e-Berkeley?
e-Berkeley is a new Chancellor's initiative whose goal is to use the power of the Web to transform the way the university operates, from day-to-day functions to its central mission of teaching and research.

e-Berkeley is an open-ended, ongoing project, guided by the needs and input of Berkeley students, faculty, staff, alumni, and business partners.

Major activities include:

  • reducing paperwork by putting more information services and transactions online
  • collecting far-flung campus services and functions into easily accessible "portal" Web sites specially tailored to the needs of each community
  • streamlining access to course information and content

Benefits for Staff
The goal of e-Berkeley is to make transactions available online for students, faculty and staff. For staff, the goal is to move many currently cumbersome manual processes to online automated systems. Some of the currently proposed initiatives include plans to streamline such processes as Travel and Expense reimbursement, timesheet processing, and generation of reports from financial systems. On a more general level, the e-Berkeley initiative will promote better communications to staff on a number of issues.

Benefits for Faculty
The benefits of e-Berkeley for faculty lean heavily toward learning systems. Major projects currently being evaluated include enterprise-wide Learning Management Systems, continuation and management of Streaming Media for courses, and e-Grades. Additionally, a system to automate the Protocol System for Research is currently being developed, automating the process of submitting Research projects for review to various committees. Additionally, Faculty will directly benefit from some of the administrative systems, especially the online travel system.

Benefits for Students
Many of the benefits for students are similar to the faculty benefits, including more availability of courses online, which will directly impact the availability of popular courses. Additionally, some of the Faculty initiatives will result in benefits for students, for example, more timely posting of grades. Of course, many administrative processes currently requiring a personal interaction at the University will be available online and will be paid for via a secure credit card interface, for example, Career Center services will be available online, and Housing & Dining Residence Halls application Fees can be paid online.