University of La Verne, CA Campus Sustainability Task Force

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University of La Verne, CA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted in March 2002

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Mission Statement:
The University of La Verne Campus Sustainability Task Force is committed to supporting the University’s mission statement by promoting proactive, environmentally responsible practices throughout all campus activities.

The task force seeks to raise community-wide awareness and understanding of environmental issues and the responsibilities each person has to help address these issues. The task force will create a framework for ecologically sound, socially and fiscally feasible practices across the campus and will provide encouragement and direction to students, staff, faculty, and the entire campus for the implementation of these practices.

The task force was created in March 2002 with the purpose of educating the University of La Verne community about sustainable practices, assessing the sustainability of the campus as it is now, and suggesting ways to improve conservation and environmentally sound practices across campus. The task force is made up of representatives from across the campus, including many faculty and staff members.

Chair: Prof. Robert Neher

Take Action!
What can you do to help save the earth everyday? The PowerPoint presentation compiled for 2003 Orientation from ideas outlined by ULV students, faculty, and staff, offers on each slide something easy you can do. These tips not only save the environment, but could also to help you save money! Each slide also outlines how and why the action will help, and about half have links to outside resources for more information. See also the Earth Tips page from Earthday for the original tips from ULV students. For more resources, see the sources and links page.

Project Ideas
Need to do a class project? Want to help around campus? Need ideas? Check out the project ideas page for a variety of projects that will ULV be more environmentally responsible. When you find something you’re interested in helping with, set a goal, and measure your progress against the baseline data—the snapshot of where we are now. Let us know what you’re interested in, and what you’re doing now!