Guelph, Ontario Strategic Urban Forest Management Plan

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Guelph, Canada

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted in November 2007

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The purpose of the Framework for the Strategic Urban Forest Management Plan for the City of Guelph: 2008-2028 is to review the current status and management of the City’s urban forest, and to provide a long-term (i.e. 20+ year) framework that will allow the City to shift to proactivly and adaptively manage the Urban forest on both public and private land. This Plan provides the City with recommendations and tools to move forward in a practical and progressive manner.

The City’s urban forest includes:

1. Wooded areas found in the City’s natural areas, parks and riparian areas, and;
2. Individual trees growing along roadsides, in residential and school yards, and on commercial, institutional or industrial properties.

Key challenges in the years to come will be to:

1. Develop a municipal inventory to gain a better understanding of the green infrastructure;
2. Manage the hazards presented by an aging urban forest;
3. Accelerate replacement plantings;
4. Ensure that new plantings are placed in conditions that maximize their potential lifespan, and;
5. Effectively protect and manage the remaining forested areas (on public and private lands) as the City’s population continues to grow.

This framework for a Strategic Urban Forest Management Plan (SUFMP) sets a 20-year period (2008 to 2028) to develop and implement a series of four, 5-year Urban Forest Management Plans.

Current Status Chart - 5 pages, 38 KB
Framework for the Urban Forest Management Plan for the City of Guelph 2008-2028 - 92 pages, 4.34 MB