Burnaby, British Columbia City Energy Retrofit Program

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Burnaby, Canada

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Type: Program

Status: Established in 2004

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Since 2004, the City has been installing a $5.6 million building retrofit for the top 49 energy consuming City facilities. The project will reduce City facility energy consumption by 14%! Beside the projected guaranteed saving of $400,000 annually when it is complete, other benefits include the reduction in water consumption, operational cost and green-house gases, and the improvements in living comfort.

In conjunction with the facility improvements, the City has been conducting a staff energy-awareness program to promote energy conservation.

Facility upgrades include:

  • High efficiency lighting upgrades
  • Water conservation upgrades
  • Building envelop upgrades
  • Liquid thermal pool covers
  • High efficiency ceiling insulation
  • Automation (control system) upgrades
  • High efficiency boiler furnace replacement, and
  • Mechanical efficiency upgrades

Our energy saving measures have generated very positive feedback. For example, the new reflective low-emissivity ceilings at Kensington and Burnaby Lake Ice Arenas, have provided not only energy savings but also an overall 30% improvement in lighting levels and a harder ice surface. Local hockey players and ice-skaters are very impressed! Another very visible measure was the fluorescent lighting retrofit which was completed in August 2005. The new T-8 fluorescent lights are 30% more efficient than the original T-12 type.

Behind-the-scenes, there are many measures that have been started which save the City both energy, water and money. They include sealing up the building envelope, water consumption limiting devices and high efficient boiler replacement. The largest energy saving measure of the project is the installation of computerized controls for heating, cooling and ventilation systems. These controls will allow us to manage the indoor conditions and demands by monitoring and controlling the mechanical equipment. As of September 2006, all energy saving measures have now been completed.

One of the EnergyFit Program’s goals is to develop energy conservation awareness for staff and the public. We have held two very successful Staff EnergyFit Days (2004 and 2005), and in 2006 over 1,000 residents attended an Energy Fair, lectures and tours as part of our annual Environment Week. As well, a third Staff EnergyFit Day is planned for November 2006.