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Lisbon, ME, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Adopted

Source File: (chapter 38, article 4)


Sec. 38-181. Purpose.
In order to preserve natural resources, conserve energy, reduce the cost of waste disposal, and provide for a more efficient and effective means of disposing of waste materials, it is appropriate to exercise the police power in order to initiate a mandatory recycling program. Therefore, in order to reduce the volume of solid wastes and to encourage the effort to recover and reuse valuable resources, this mandatory recycling program is established. (T.M. of 8-22-1988, art. 3, § 12-401)

Sec. 38-182. Rules and regulations.
The board of selectmen, by promulgation of rules and regulations, shall establish by category items which it deems to be recyclable and which shall be separated and separately deposited from the normal waste stream. These categories of items may be amended, deleted or added to, as the program for recycling for the town is developed. In addition, these rules and regulations shall determine the proper preparation of recyclable commodities, method of disposal of these items, and their ultimate disposition. Therules and regulations are printed in part II, section 98-32 of this volume. (T.M. of 8-22-1988, art. 3, § 12-402)

Sec. 38-183. Separation of recyclable material.
Each person using the town municipal solid waste transfer and recycling facility, including all commercial haulers and businesses, shall be required to separate from the normal waste stream all items determined to be recyclable, by category, as determined by the rules and regulations of the board of selectmen in part II, section 98-35 of this volume. Each separate category of recyclable material shall be properly prepared and disposed of in accordance with the rules and regulations in that section. (T.M. of 8-22-1988, art. 3, § 12-403)

Sec. 38-184. Ownership of recyclable materials.
From the time of disposal of recyclable materials at the municipal solid waste transfer and recycling facility, such material shall become the sole and exclusive property of the town. It shall be a violation of this section for any person, without authority of the town, to collect, pick up, remove or cause to be collected, picked up or removed any recyclable material; and each such collection, pickup or removal shall constitute a separate and distinct offense. (T.M. of 8-22-1988, art. 3, § 12-404)

Sec. 38-185. Disposal fee waived.
The disposal fee designated in section 38-151 shall be waived with respect to all recyclable materials disposed of in a manner consistent with the rules and regulations regulating such disposal. (T.M. of 8-22-1988, art. 3, § 12-405)

Sec. 38-186. Failure to properly recycle.
Failure by any person to properly segregate, prepare or dispose of recyclable materials, so designated by the rules and regulations of the board of selectmen, shall cause the refusal of all material brought to the site by that person. (T.M. of 8-22-1988, art. 3, § 12-406)

Sec. 38-187. Penalties.
Penalties for violation of any of the terms of this article shall be the same as those imposed in section 38-153.