Drexel University, PA Green Initiative

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Drexel University, PA, US

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Type: Program

Status: Initiated in 2008

Source File: http://www.drexel.edu/sustainability/


THE DREXEL GREEN INITIATIVE at Drexel University was created in 2008 by students, faculty, and staff dedicated to transforming Drexel's campus into a sustainability leader. The initiative covers all aspects of operations, buildings, academic initiatives, and student life and is responsible for the strategic plan to further sustainable practices and policies.

Sustainability Council of Students

The Sustainability Council of Students is focused on research, buildings, operations, student life and student living, community, and communications.

RESEARCH Researches new avenues to further the sustainable and environmental commitment of Drexel University. Responsibilities include procurement research, gathering benchmark data, and economic analysis.

BUILDINGS Specializes in building upgrades, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and building design.

OPERATIONS Investigates all aspects of operations within Drexel University and explores methods of decreasing the University's ecological footprint through simple procedural changes and new sustainable practices.

STUDENT LIFE AND STUDENT LIVING Examines the student experience at Drexel University and explores opportunities for all students to put their collective efforts together to take action.

COMMUNITY Educates the Philadelphia region and Drexel community on sustainable practices, explores new opportunities for outreach, and motivates the surrounding community to do their part in making Philadelphia a greener city.

COMMUNICATIONS Illuminates all of Drexel University's sustainable practices, research, design, events, and outreach by instituting a marketing framework, branding scheme, and web presence.

Sustainability Council of Faculty

Currently being organized.