Grand Valley State University, MI Recycling Program

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Grand Valley State University, MI, US

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Type: Program

Status: Launch on 10/25/90

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The GVSU Recycling Program was created to allow our campus the opportunity to recycle many commonly used disposable items. This not only keeps materials out of the land fill, but also saves energy and raw materials in the manufacturing of new products. For example, each ton of paper that is recycled saves 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of land fill space, and keeps 60 pounds of pollutants out of the air. The GVSU Recycling Program is part of Facilities Services. Student workers pick up material from recycling stations in public areas on a weekly basis. Custodians empty recycling baskets on a nightly basis or as needed in office areas. The material is brought to the Facilities Service Building and placed in large containers for our vender partners to pick up and deliver to the Kent County Recyling Center.

What do we recycle?
You see them all over the campus. Recycling bins are in every building for your convenience. Below is a list of the items that we recycle here on campus. Please take the time to look at these items and help us to do our part.

We can only recycle plastics that are marked with a #1 - #5. Market factors and local material processors determine what we can and cannot recycle. In the Grand Rapids area the types of plastics mentioned above are the only recyclable densities, all other must be discarded as trash.

To determine the density, simply look on the bottom of the container for its number. #1 and #2 plastics should be rinsed, caps removed, and placed in the recycling box labeled, PLASTICS AND CANS. We are not able to accept any type of Styrofoam as our vendors no longer will take it. We are also unable to accept packing peanuts.

Glass containers should be rinsed, caps removed, and placed in the recycling container labeled GLASS. We can accept clear, brown, and green glass but not window glass, fish bowls or any other kind cups and food holders.

We can recycle all types of metal. In the case of aluminum food cans, please rinse clean and flatten them if possible. Absolutely no aerosol cans!

We recycle all types of household batteries. Car batteries will not be accepted!

We accept corrugated and non-corrugated cardboard. Please flatten your cardboard boxes and set NEXT to the recycling boxes.

We can recycle any type of paper up to the thickness of a manila folder or as thin as newsprint. Tissue paper and paper towels are not recyclable. We also recycle magazines, paperback books, notebooks, and general office paper. PLEASE, no sticky labels or self-adhesive materials i.e. post it notes or Avery labels. Also, hardcover books can be recycled if left with cardboard boxes.

Where can I recycle?

  • Recycle stations are located in all housing living center units.
  • Laker Village, Ravines, and Grand Valley Apartments have multi bins in their parking lots.
  • All academic buildings.
  • Multi-bin is also located behind the Service Building.