Westminster, CO Grocery Bag Campaign

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Westminster, CO, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.ci.westminster.co.us/res/env/land/envland_grocbag.htm


Money you won't throw away
The city's Environmental Services Office in cooperation with the Environmental Advisory Board is selling environmental sustainability grocery bags year round for $1 each.

Why should I use them?
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than 380 billion plastic bags are used each year. Most bags are used once, discarded and too often become litter. In 2000, the EPA found that 1 percent of plastic bags were recycled. Even bags properly discarded become windblown litter out of trash cans and garbage trucks. More than an eyesore, plastic bag litter has become a significant threat to the stormwater system in Westminster, preventing flow within our surface drainage areas.

What are the bags made from?
The bags are made from a durable non-woven polypropylene that is nontoxic and nonreactive to chemicals, including household cleaners. Just one bag replaces four standard plastic bags!

Other than helping to eliminate plastic bag usage, how do I benefit?
Many grocers offer end-of-sale rebates to consumers of up to 5 cents per bag brought in for use.

Where can I buy one?
Community Partners

  • Valente's Deli and Bakery - 7250 Meade St.
  • Hilltop Liquors - 2735 West 72nd Ave.
  • Pack & Ship North - 8533 Church Ranch Blvd., Unit No. 150.
  • Walgreens - 5190 W. 120th Ave.
  • Westminster Elementary - 7482 Irving St.
  • Friends of the Library of Westminster - College Hill Library, 3705 W. 112th Ave.
  • Casa Estates Mobile Home Park - 860 W. 132nd Ave.
  • The Hair Station - 9765 Osceola St.
  • Hair Technology and Body Salon - 10449 Town Center Dr.

City Facilities

  • City Hall - 4800 W. 92nd Ave. - General Services Department; main level.
  • City Park Fitness Center – 10475 Sheridan Blvd. - front desk.
  • City Park Recreation Center – 10455 Sheridan Blvd. - front desk.
  • The MAC (formerly the Community Senior Center) – 3295 W. 72nd Ave. - front desk.
  • Irving Street Library – 7392 Irving St. - circulation desk.
  • Swim and Fitness Center – 3290 W. 76th Ave. - front desk.
  • West View Recreation Center – 10747 W. 108th Ave. - front desk.

Your answer to "paper or plastic?" "Neither!"
The City of Westminster's Reusable Grocery Bag campaign provides you with an opportunity to use your own bags at the grocery store and answer "neither" when asked by baggers whether you want "paper or plastic." By utilizing these bags, you are reducing litter in our beautiful city, supporting sustainability of our natural resources and reducing waste in landfills. The intent of these bags is not revenue generation, but instead education on how citizens can purchase products that not only support sustainability but keep our city beautiful!

Our environmental practices have received international praise
Recently, the City of Westminster won the top international award for environmentally sensitive practices from LivCom, a competition sponsored by the United Nations. Westminster topped 53 finalists from 20 countries in this competition that promotes livable, sustainable communities. The Reusable Grocery Bag Campaign is just one example of how we are expanding efforts to educate citizens on ways in which they can promote environmentally sensitive pracitices.