Drury University, MO Environmental Mission Statement

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Drury University, MO, US

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Type: Policy

Status: In effect

Source File: http://www.drury.edu/multinl/story.cfm?nlid=303&id=18435


In our educational mission, Drury University will strive to:

  • foster an understanding of and responsibility for the physical environment;
  • ensure that individuals are knowledgeable about the environmental issues which affect their disciplines, daily lives and health;
  • encourage environmental research;
  • conduct research and teaching in an environmentally responsible way;
  • provide a forum for the open flow of information among international organizations, governments, industry and academia; to discuss and study environmental issues and their relationship to other social issues.

In our administrative functions, Drury University will strive to:

  • inform the Drury community about recycling opportunities on campus and foster their use;
  • conserve natural resources and support their sustainable use by taking positive steps toward upgrading environmental systems on campus;
  • conduct affairs in a manner that safeguards the environmental health and safety of students, faculty, staff and communities;
  • reduce the use of toxic substances and the generation of wastes and promote strategies to reuse and recycle those wastes that cannot be avoided; and
  • purchase renewable, reusable, precyclable, recyclable and recycled materials.

In our campus life, students, faculty and staff will strive to:

  • conduct themselves in an environmentally sensitive manner toward college property;
  • conserve and preserve the natural environment of the campus;
  • conserve energy and water in residence halls, classrooms and administration buildings;
  • emphasize the importance of careful use and conservation of resources to new students (at orientation), faculty and staff;
  • take responsibility for minimizing motor vehicle use and promote use of cycling and walking on campus.

The members of the Drury University community commit themselves to initiating, promoting and conducting programs which fully implement this policy throughout the college and in the global community.