Cary, NC Bicycle Plan

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Cary, NC, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

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Cary's Comprehensive Transportation Plan calls for a safe, convenient and efficient system with different means of transportation. Chapter 4, the Bicycle Element, establishes a bicycle plan for Cary. It identifies a system of bikeways and connections to greenways within and beyond Cary. See a map with route descriptions and safety tips.

Watch a video about bicycling in Cary

Cary police offer safety clinics and bicycle “rodeo” obstacle courses for children that address:

  • Safety helmet importance and proper fitting
  • Bicycle maintenance and safety checks
  • Obstacle courses focusing on hand signals, sign identification, rules of the road

Bicycle rodeos are open to any group of children on request.

Get tips on bicycle safety (1,100 KB) for people of all ages.

The Town’s bicycle education video helps you learn how to maneuver safely and efficiently through Cary. Find copies at local bike shops and the downtown Cary Library. (Spanish version available December 2004)

Cary was among the first 14 cities in the country to be named a Bicycle-Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. The certification is good for two years.

Implementing the Bicycle Plan
To make bicycling more efficient, safe, fun and practical, implementation will include the following:

Bicycle map - A map of Cary bicycle routes that will help citizens choose routes according to their own bicycling needs, preferences, experiences, and abilities.

Bike lane striping - Approximately 10 miles of roads striped to designate a bike lane

Route signage - About 300 distinctive "Cary Bike Route" signs to identify selected routes.

Education and encouragement - An education program and other measures to encourage bicycling in Cary.

Learn more about these aspects of the plan.

The Vision behind the Plan
Establish Cary as a Bicycle Friendly Community, with an interconnected transportation network that allows for the needs of the commuting cyclist as well as the needs of the casual or recreational cyclist.

Goals and Recommendations

  • Create a network of bicycle routes that will serve every planned and existing activity center in Cary
  • Improve the road network to better accommodate bicycles through wider outside lanes, bike-sensitive traffic signals and a bikeway maintenance program
  • Promote bicycling as an efficient and healthy transportation alternative by providing facilities for bicycles, including places at important destinations to park them

Why it's a Good Idea to Register Your Bicycle
The serial number and description help Cary police identify the owners of bikes they retrieve that had been lost or stolen. To register your bicycle, please fill out the registration form and return it to the Police Department.