Dubbo, Australia "A Living Initiative for a Vibrant Environment"

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Dubbo, Australia

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

Source File: http://www.dubbo.nsw.gov.au/public/content/default.asp?xcid=3175&


A Living Initiative for a Vibrant Environment

Dubbo City Council (DCC) has prepared a new environmental sustainability plan for Dubbo – Dubbo ALIVE

The principles and concept of Dubbo ALIVE are not new for DCC. Commitment to the local environment and working towards sustainability was first demonstrated back in 2000 with development of the Dubbo Environmental Management Plan (DEMP). As a directive for Council’s environmental initiatives, it was a valuable first step, with the principles and achievements being used and built on now in 2006.

Dubbo ALIVE marks an exciting change in the way Council approaches the environmental issues affecting our local area. It is a simple, yet effective approach to issues that often seem complex and outside of Council’s influence. Dubbo ALIVE identifies Council’s capacity to address issues and identifies only those actions which can realistically be implemented by Council.

Distinguishing features of Dubbo ALIVE include:

  • Identification and endorsement of four (4) priority themes to provide immediate areas of focus for the implementation period (2006-2009), namely Energy, Salinity, Waste and Water Management;
  • Development of 16 draft Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These indicators have allowed for determination of the baseline situation for each priority theme eg. tonnes of waste generated per capita provide a basis for comparison as part of annual monitoring, and provide for development of an Annual Report Card to highlight Council’s progress;
  • Development of draft Objectives and Targets for each priority theme to guide Council’s initiatives and projects; and,
  • Utilisation of the annual State of Environment Report as the primary reporting mechanism of Dubbo ALIVE.

Background to document name and logo
As part of the development of Dubbo ALIVE, Council held an internal competition for a document name and logo that said “sustainability” in everyday language.

Dubbo ALIVE (A Living Initiative for a Vibrant Environment) was selected as the name for the document as it conveyed the simple message that it is a living process and will continue to grow as Council’s initiatives and focus continues to evolve.

The “face” of Dubbo ALIVE (the logo) has been developed using the Council logo. This was an effective approach as it illustrates the connectivity between the natural and built environments and their relationship with our red earth, and therefore has a strong link to the corporate Council logo and image.

The document has been developed to identify how Council will address the environmental issues in the local area over the coming years.