Santa Cruz, CA Nuclear Free Zone

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Santa Cruz, CA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Updated on 11/17/98

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Enriched nuclear and radio active waste constitute immediate and significant threats to public health and safety and to the environment. The City has a responsibility to discourage any activity which constitutes so grave a threat to its residents and environs.

The City Council of the City of Santa Cruz hereby declares the City to be a Nuclear Free Zone. No nuclear weapon or component of a nuclear weapon, enriched nuclear material or radioactive waste shall be produced, transported, stored, processed, disposed of, nor used within the City of Santa Cruz.

"Nuclear weapon" is any device, the intended explosion of which results from the energy released by reactions involving atomic nuclei, either fission or fusion, or both. This definition of nuclear weapons includes the means of transporting, guiding, propelling or triggering the weapon. "Component of a nuclear weapon" is any device, radioactive or non-radioactive, the intended function of which is to contribute to the operation of a nuclear weapon. "Enriched nuclear material" is artificially enriched or concentrated radioactive material. "Radioactive waste" are radiation emitting waste products of fission, fusion, mining, milling or other processing of radioactive elements.

This policy does not impact the engagement in the above mentioned activities pursuant to a contract entered into before the effective date of this policy. However, this policy does apply to the extension or renewal of a contract on or after the effective date of this policy if the original contract was entered into before the effective date of this policy.

The City of Santa Cruz Nuclear Free Zone policy shall not be construed to prohibit the practice of nuclear medicine or uses of commercial products containing small amounts of radioactive materials such as smoke detectors, light-emitting watches and clocks, or gauges the purpose of which is not to work toward the development of nuclear weapons of nuclear-generated power. The City shall take no action and expend no resources (funds, personnel or in-kind contributions), that violate this policy.

The City shall place and maintain signs reading "Nuclear Free Zone" at all City limit sign post locations. The signs shall be clearly visible and its letters at least equal in size to those on the nearest city limit sign.