Cambridge, MA Resolution on Watershed Protection

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Cambridge, MA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 4/10/00

Vote: Unanimous

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Alewife Protection Resolution

WHEREAS: The watersheds on earth are of great value to all living creatures, and sustain life of plants, trees and animals and humans; and

WHEREAS: Our nation has had a Wetland Protection Act formulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency with law enforcement inclusions which calls upon cities and towns to restrict development on wetiand-floodplain, and refrain from contaminating our rivers and streams; and

WHEREAS: The urban wilds of Cambridge around Alewife contain over 100 acres of wetlands, where significant wildlife and habitat abound; and

WHEREAS: Governor Cellucci has pledged to acquire 20 thousand acres of wetlands a year, and according to the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US is losing 100,000 acres of wetlands a year; and

WHEREAS: Cambridge Alewife organizations including the Coalition for Alewife, Alewife Study Group, North Cambridge Stabilization, North Cambridge Neighbors and Friends of Alewife Reservation as well as Belmont and Arlington organizations and the Mystic River Watershed Association as well as many residents have asked that Alewife be protected; and

WHEREAS: In as much as approximately 11 5 acres of the wetland area are owned by the Metropolitan District Commission, the City Council supports their continuous stewardship and maintenance by regular cleaning and planned activities in the area, making it known to citizens of Cambridge, Belmont and Arlington of MDC's ownership, and desire to preserve their Reservation; and

WHEREAS: The Friends of Alewift, Reservation (FAR) have led regular clean-ups and sponsored Shoreline Surveys promoted by Mass Community Water Watch and designed by the Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Law Enforcement (DWFLE) to work throughout the year in the "Adopt A Stream" Program to produce an office report for City Council of'our Little River and Alewife Brook conditions; and

WHEREAS: April 15 is the annual "Mother of All Clean-ups" throughout the entire Mystic River Watershed, as far west as the Aberjona River, initiated by the Mystic River Watershed Association, located in Arlington, sponsored and coordinated by FAR, which will bring Cambridge, Arlington and Belmont residents from all parts of their municipalities to clean sections of the Reservation at the headwaters of Alewife Brook in Cambridge and the area surrounding Russell Field; and

WHEREAS: Citizens of Cambridge, and the two adjacent communities greatly benefit from the large open space next to the T stop for learning about the environment, protecting residents from serious flood damage, for greatly needed passive recreation, a beautiful entrance to the city from the west, for the thousands who live in North Cambridge and Fresh Pond apartments; now therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the City Council goes on record in support of the following actions for protection and preservation of our wetlands:

1. Work to ensure our wetlands are protected from overdevelopment, contamination and flooding

2. Develop a long-term plan for preservation of the Alewife Reservation

3. Work with the MDC to support their on-going stewardship and maintenance by regular cleaning and planned activities in the area, making it known to residents of Cambridge, Belmont and Arlington of their ownership and desire to preserve their Reservation

4. Recognizes the valuable civic work undertaken by such groups as friends of Alewife Reservation; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the City Council go on record expressing its appreciation to the Friends of Alewife Reservation and all of the participants in the April 15th Clean up day and urge Cantabrigians to be cognizant of this worthwhile event; and be it fur:her

RESOLVED: That the City Clerk is hereby is requested to forward a suitably engrossed copy of this resolution to the Friends of Alewife Reservation and the MDC on behalf of the entire City Council.