Humboldt State University, CA Compost Program

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Humboldt State University, CA, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The Compost Program portion of CRP first began as an educational branch of the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) and later expanded to being a component of CRP. The compost program provided and still provides the function of composting the organic wastes from the university cafeterias on campus. The history of the compost site itself has been one of impermanence. It was initially located on the CCAT grounds then moved to a nearby site and recently moved to its current but temporary location.

The Compost Program initially collected only the food waste generated by the on campus cafeterias. Over the years it has expanded to include the student club coffee tables and select high human traffic sites around the campus. The composting program currently composts all the pre-consumer waste from the two main dining halls on campus, the Depot and Jolly Giant Commons, along with diverting all the food waste from the five clubs operating coffee tables on campus, and providing the additional service of a food waste drop off site for students within the community.

This program aims to benefit the entire campus community not just through waste diversion but also by providing a place for students and community members to learn about composting. The educational opportunities include learning the basics of backyard composting to vermicomposting and troubleshooting and the larger environmental benefits associated with taking responsibility for ones own waste stream.

To see a map of the compost bucket locations on campus, Click Here.