Seattle University, WA Anti-Sweatshop Policy

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Seattle University, WA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: In effect

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There is a campus-wide Anti-Sweatshop Policy and an Anti-Sweatshop Committee covering vendors and manufacturers that supply the University with apparel bearing the University’s name and/or logos. Seattle University has joined the Workers Rights Consortium and the Fair Labor Association to independently monitor its contractors. These organizations will conduct monitoring for Seattle University in accordance with the organizations’ respective standards.

Seattle University’s Statement of Support for the Designated Suppliers Program
The pursuit of social justice is an essential part of Seattle University’s institutional mission. Consistent with this mission, Seattle University has long supported fair labor standards and safe working conditions for people who produce university-licensed apparel. This is demonstrated by our Code of Conduct for university licensees, by our affiliation with the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) and Fair Labor Association (FLA), and by the ongoing work of the university’s Anti-Sweatshop Committee.

Seattle University supports the basic principles and intent of the Designated Suppliers Program (DSP) proposed by United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS). The DSP reflects principles and strategies that are central to Seattle University’s commitment to protecting workers’ rights. In addition to requiring licensees to source from sweat-free factories, the DSP would require that factories producing university-licensed apparel pay workers a living wage and allow workers the freedom of association.

We note that the goals of the DSP are consistent with the goals of Seattle University. At the same time we recognize significant legal, logistical and economic issues associated with implementing, administering and enforcing the proposal. We hope that all institutions and entities involved in the licensing, production and sale of collegiate apparel will collaborate to address these issues. Seattle University encourages broad participation from all parties involved in the feasibility and implementation of the DSP.

Seattle University is committed to full participation in the DSP Working Group and will become a strong participant of the Designation Suppliers Program once concerns regarding feasibility and legal compliance are addressed.

For questions on this policy, contact Pam Miller, Director of Facilities Support Services.