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Inglewood, CA, US

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Type: Municipal Code

Status: Adopted on 6/8/04

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Section 11-140. Percent for the Arts Program.

Whenever the valuation of a new nonresidential private structure and/or other nonresidential project to be developed in the City of Inglewood equals or exceeds two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000.00), the developer of such project shall provide public art valued at one percent of the project valuation in a manner as set forth herein.

The provision of public art shall be satisfied by one of the following methods:

(1) Donation of artwork.

(2) Installation of on-site artwork.

(3) In-lieu of fee payment.

For the purposes of this Section, project valuation shall be the valuation of the building or structure as determined by the Building and Safety Division for the issuance of the Building Permit(s).

Section 11-141. Donation of Art and/or Installation of On-Site Artwork.

A developer may satisfy the requirement to provide public art valued at no less than one percent of the building’s or structure’s valuation by entering into a written agreement with the City through the Community Development Department to donate art to the City and/or to provide for the installation and maintenance of on-site artwork in accordance with the City’s standards and guidelines. After entering into such agreement, the Community Development Department shall notify the Building and Safety Division of such agreement and that no in-lieu fee payment will be required when the Building Permit is issued for the subject project.

Section 11-142. In-lieu Fee for Art.

If the developer of a project does not wish to dedicate artwork nor enter into an agreement with the City of Inglewood to develop an art project, the developer may satisfy the obligation to provide public art by paying an in-lieu fee at the time the building permit is issued for the project by the Building and Safety Division. The in-lieu fee shall be equal to the one percent valuation pursuant to Section 11-140, above, and shall be deposited into the City of Inglewood Public Art Fund established to finance public art projects and to place public artwork in the community.

Section 11-143. City of Inglewood Public Art Fund.

There is hereby created within the budget of the City of Inglewood a special Public Art Fund. All monies received by the City pursuant to Section 11-140 shall be placed in the Public Art Fund, maintained by the City and used solely for the development and/or preservation of public art and related arts programs.

The Public Arts Fund shall be incorporated into each fiscal year budget commencing with fiscal year 2004-2005 and administered by the Community Development Department for the acquisition, installation, improvement, insurance and maintenance of artwork in the City of Inglewood. Monies not used within the fiscal year allocated may be reallocated to the next fiscal year.

Section 11-144. Standards, Guidelines and Procedures for Art Program.

The Planning Commission shall adopt standards, guidelines and procedures set forth by the Arts Commission (to be established) for implementation of the Percent for the Arts Program including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) Definitions and/or qualifications for artworks, art projects and art programs;

(2) Application procedures;

(3) Procedures and criteria for reviewing and approving art project proposals;

(4) Appraisals and other determinations of the valuation of artwork or art projects;

(5) Contract agreement administration;

(6) Public art exhibition locations and durations;

(7) Maintenance of public artworks;

(8) Administration of Public Art Fund;

(9) Support services and assistance for artists;

(10) Participation by community and business organizations.